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Breaks For Your Eyes
Take Direction Over Your Screen Time.
Intermission helps you look away from your devices, preventing sore eyes, burnout, and Computer Vision Syndrome.
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Intermission for Mac blocks your screen periodically so your eyes & mind can take a break.

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Use Intermission for iOS to take breaks while working, gaming, or watching Netflix.

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Digital Health is for Everybody.
Thousands of people use Intermission every day to prevent the effects of prolonged screen-time.
Taking frequent little breaks is a good idea to prevent dry eyes, eyestrain, and headaches.

Since I started using this, the difference at the end of the day is noticeable.

I have been struggling to follow the 20-20-20 rule for years and this little app actually does the trick for me. I found it just as I was suffering from really bad eye strain and I think it's helping :D

Wow! From day one of using this app I couldn't believe how much less my eyes and head hurt. Totally worth the money!

Only app that I have used that really works to ensure you're properly taking breaks.

Every break for me is like a small meditation.

My new favorite app.

Simple, and Effective.
Having a healthier relationship with your screen should not feel like work. Intermission makes it easy.
Just what the doctor ordered
Intermission uses the 20/20/20 rule, recommended by most eye health professionals.
Every 20 minutes, look 20 feet away, for 20 seconds.
Give yourself a break
Every 20 minutes, after a subtle heads up, your intermission will begin. Choose between a forced full screen intermission or a less intrusive reminder.
Full screen intermissions are Mac only.
Build a healthy habit
It’s easy to adopt Intermission as a part of your daily routine. Your eyes & mind will thank you.
Intermission is uncomplicated yet customizable. Make it work for you!
Custom Rules
Change how long Intermissions last, and how often they occur.
Example: Take a 30 second intermission every 30 minutes.
Custom Sounds
Choose the chime that plays at the end of your intermission.
Custom Messages
Edit the message that displays during your intermission, so you can hold yourself accountable.
Examples: “Look Away”, “Stand up & Stretch”